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Inspired Drone Imaging is based in the northwest of England and works with clients around the country, providing the highest quality aerial and ground-based photography: still images and films for a wide variety of applications.


Aerial drone cameras allow you to see the world from a different perspective and will capture a new view of weddings and events - indoors and outside. An aerial survey or inspection readily provides critical information for construction and legal purposes in a cost-effective way. 


Where aerial access is restricted, Inspired Drone Imaging offers a full ground based photography and video service to complement the use of drones.

Inspired Drone Imaging pilots have six years' experience with different drones. We comply with current CAA regulations, and full liability insurance is included with every job. You can be sure of a complete professional service. 



Surveys and Inspections 


Survey and inspect large and small scale sites safely and accurately without the need for expensive time consuming scaffolding or platforms. We are able to work with housing and development teams to obtain still photos and videos to assist in design, planning and maintenance all over the U.K. 



Aerial photography 


We are able to provide aerial still photography and videos for promotional videos, event coverage, advertisements and much more. Our pilots work with you to ensure they capture the images you need in a suitable timescale. 



Weddings, social and business events 


Adding a new dimension to your special event, we can work independently or with your photographer to capture a day to remember from a unique angle! Whether your event is big or small, capture it with a bespoke viewpoint from the air! 


Ground based videography 


We offer a full ground based photography and video service for all occasions using a fully stabilised camera and gimbal with the latest DJI sound recording system.


Something else you’re after? Contact us. 

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